Skilled Nominated visa (Subclass 190)of Australia is a permanent visa type for skilled workers nominated by State or Union Territory for individuals who have the required qualifications and skills that are needed by the government of Australia for the occupations that are listed in SOL (Skilled Occupation List). For the individuals who cannot meet the pass marks required to obtain Skilled Independent Visa, this Australian visa type is open to them offering them sponsorship in the participating State/Territory Government agency. Along with this it even allows the aspirants who satisfy the passmark, but are willing to get the priority processing that is applicable to the sponsorship of one state/territory by the participating Australian Government agencies.
Under this permanent visa type for Australia, the candidates are required to obtain a minimum score of 60 as per the point table assessment along with obtaining nomination for the country by some relative living in Australia or by some participating state or territory government.
Passing the Point Assessment test is all about satisfying the key requirements that includes:
Age (younger than 50)
English language ability
Study requirement of Australia
Professional year
Eligible relative sponsorship/state or territory government nomination
Australia skilled requirements
In order to get sponsorship from the relative, the aspirant must be related to the sponsor as:
Non-Dependent childBrother or Sister
Aunt or Uncle
Niece or Nephew
Any sponsor for the candidate must be-
Australian citizen or
Permanent resident of Australia
Eligible citizen of New Zealand
Benefits of Australia visa Subclass 190
The visa is a permanent stay permit for Australia allowing the applicant to live in the country enjoying all the full work rights and citizen benefits in the country. Successful applicant and holder of Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 190) is allowed to:
Permanently live and work in Australia
Study at the Australian schools, Vocational Educational Training (VET) or in the universities
Gains eligibility for Australian citizenship
Can sponsor others for Permanent Residency in Australia
Receive healthcare and medical aid from the government at every step
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