With a literacy rate of 99.0%, New Zealand stands fourth in the world for education impartment. Secondary education is mandatory in New Zealand. An education from New Zealand proves to be advantageous for most people. The education imparted at both school and university levels are recognized by the employers across the world. The education is of world class quality and high standards. The government maintains a strict quality control to ensure consistency in the deliverance of quality education. The number of children or scholars in each class is relatively small and thereby great the level of personal attention towards each learner is high and measured. As per to the Prosperity Index Survey conducted in 2012, New Zealand ranks 1 in terms of education. The educational bodies in New Zealand pay equal attention to both academic and practical knowledge. The governing authorities also pay attention to skill based achievements. Schooling in New Zealand is free at the State and State Integrated Levels. Tertiary Education in New Zealand is sought after with 8 Universities and 18 institutes if technology and polytechnics. The country with only 8 universities in placed amongst the top 50 in the world.

If a foreign students plans to obtain education in New Zealand for over three months, it is mandatory for the individual to possess a student visa. In order to be eligible for a student visa a scholar should meet the following points:

  • An offer letter by a university approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority.
  • A written confirmation stating that the student sure a suited accommodation.
  • The student is required to prove sufficient funds in the account to support his education.
  • A return ticket to the country, proving his intention else sufficient funds to afford the same at the time of return.

A student in New Zealand is permitted to work temporarily in New Zealand during his stay in the country. He is also permitted to be accompanied by a dependant along with him who is also granted temporary working rights during the stay.

A student has to undergo a proper medical screening for attaining a student visa. If the student is accomp0anied by a dependant, he/ she will also have to undergo a medical examination. The prospective student will also have to give examinations and clear the English proficiency test, if required by the university. To attain a visa, the student must ensure that he submits his documents along with all the concerned fees. On receiving the complete documentation required by the governing authorities, a suitable visa is granted to the student for pursuing his preferred course in New Zealand.

The investment made by foreign students for acquiring education in New Zealand can be viewed below.