Canada is a hot spot amongst tourists for tourism purposes. With more than 35 million people visiting the nation every year temporarily, the Government has devised and formulated specific visa categories that permit individuals to visit the region as per the specified time. Canada’s proximity with the United States makes it all the more popular amongst young entrants. It is a large country with some amazing places to visit and sights to see at least once in a lifetime. The breathtaking Niagara Falls and the Northern Lights are unbelievingly beautiful and worth visiting. From over the years, the country has attracted a large number of people as tourists or even temporary visitors. The Government has also through its Economic Action Plan in 2009, introduced the Marquee Tourism Events Program to encourage tourism in the nation. This clearly depicts that nation encourages and welcomes tourism.
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An individual can visit the country for different purposes and different duration. There is a visa to visit in Canada eligibility criteria set for various categories. The categories can be discussed as:
Tourist Visa
Visit the beautiful nation as a tourist. You can obtain a tourist visa by fulfilling the said below eligibility criteria. To obtain a tourist visa one should:
Hold a valid passport
Be medically sound
Hold sufficient funds or prove financial stability
Hold a return ticket or sufficient funds for the same
Prove financial independency during the stay
Letter of invitation by a relative or friend
Certificate of identity
Depending upon the intention and duration of the stay an individual can also apply for the extension of the visa. But this procedure has been taken or applied
for 30 days before the expiry of the actual or the running visa. The application must hold a valid reason stating the reason for the extension of the visa. If the government finds the reason valid enough, shall grant permission for the extended stay.
Parent or Grandparent Super Visa
The Canadian Government grants what is called the parent or the Grandparent Super Visa to individuals whose children or grandchildren are either citizens or permanent residents of the country. The visa is valid for a period of ten years and an individual can stay in the country for a period of two years without having to renew the status. You are also allowed to be accompanied by your spouse or partner. An individual must be able to produce and meet different requirements to be able to apply for the specific visa category:
One must be a parent or a grandparent to a citizen or a permanent citizen of Canada
Prove ties and bonds in his home country
State the purpose of your visit
Economic and social stability and standing
An invitation letter from the concerned relative or sponsor
Hold a valid Canadian Medical insurance
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An individual holding this category of visa can also apply for the citizenship of the country. To be able to apply for a citizenship one has to fall under a different category all together. An individual can apply for this visa category only from outside Canada. The reasons that might lead an individual to obtain a citizenship are:
Prove oneself as a refugee or a protected person
Prove to be a spouse or common law partner of a citizen or a permanent resident
Prove to be a live in care giver
Posses a valid temporary residence permit
Either apply for a Canadian Experience Class
So pack your bags and get going! Explore the world and reach out to your loved ones.