A Visit visa is that category of visa that is required when the purpose to fly to New Zealand is purely for visiting purposes. The intention of visit is neither study, nor work. New Zealand grants permission to certain nationals to enter the country without a visa. Australian citizens do not require producing a New Zealand visiting visa. To acquire a visa you must fulfill the stated requirements:

  • Maintain and prove good health
  • Prove a moral character with no records of misconduct
  • State the precise and genuine purpose of visit to New Zealand
  • You must be in the acquisition of a valid passport
  • ravel tickets in and out from New Zealand (proving your intention of entry and exit in the country)
  • Written confirmation by a travel agent or an airline confirming your tickets
  • Funds to support your travel and stay in the country

The maximum stay for a visit is extended up to 9 months. An individual from the nationality on the list of the visa waiver country only has to fill an arrival card.

The Transit Visa

The New Zealand Government requires individuals to hold a transit visa if an individual stops in New Zealand on his way to another country at the airport for less than 24 hours and not leave the transit area for the defined time. Below is the list of countries, nationals of which are exempted by the Government for holding a transit visa.

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